Friday, 23 May 2008

Singapore Educators pissed off Foreigner

26th December 2001

Mr Mohd Said B Jaafar
Chai Chee Secondary School
5 Sennett Road
Singapore 466781

Dear Sir
RE : Hou Xiaoran (Sec 2/3)

Thank you for your reply dated 28th November 2001. The letter has been forwarded to Mr Hou in China.

I understand that Hou Xiaoran has not been assigned a counsellor as proposed by you at our meeting last November. At the meeting, you said you will get the school counsellor to befriend Hou Xiaoran and assist her in adapting to the school system. Present at the meeting was also Mr Ong, the then acting vice-principal.

I am again very disappointed in you, as the principal, to talk but no action taken. Hou Xiaoran's case has not been resolved after 2 years. She was able to perform better this year because my husband and I spent time to counsel her and got other teens her age to befriend her and help her. Her parents phoned her daily, sometimes up to 3 times a day to talk to her. What have you done as a principal? My husband went to see you personally and subsequently wrote to you, which you claimed at the meeting that you were not aware. We took time off to meet up with you to discuss ways to help her. You met us because MOE told you to, but you were not sincere when you offer your apology. I am disgusted that as an educator you took offence at our complaint and are not co-operative. In fact, it was after much attempt and no help from you that we turn to the Education Minister. I will consider further action after I have seen the psychiatrist's report on Hou Xiaoran after her return.

Thank you
Mrs Jayne Tan


On January 2002, Mr Hou decided to send his daughter to New Zealand to continue her studies after seeing his daughter's unhappy state and not receiving any help from the school and MOE. He was very disappointed with the education system in Singapore. He was not willing to confront the Principal nor feedback to MOE. He has the money so he chose to leave Singapore and condemn it forever.

Principal Jaafar barred accepting my new foreign students in his school. Any of my foreign students who sat for entrance tests in his school was never accepted from then on. That is to be expected. :)

Abuse of authority? As the Principal, he's the King and the Law.

He was Principal of Broadrick Secondary School from years 2003 to 2007.

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