Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I want a say, even if I'm not highly educated!!

Sorry for no updates. I have to rewrite what I had written because the leaders think my letters are too sarcastic and disrespectful, so they are just going to ignore me.

I'm not a highly-educated person, I don't write well. I'm not trained to write like a journalist. I cannot write as fluently as PR officers. I applied what I learnt in school to write my letters. It seems the school have taught me the wrong things.

I thought the Government would understand that its citizens are all different. Some are highly-educated, some are just peasants. I was wrong. It seems like only the educated can give feedback? People like me should keep our mouths shut?

That's why I constantly got brushed off, ignored, bullied.

The Government should look into all feedback. They shouldn't be judgemental.

I was told, they would only look at letters which are cordial and follow a certain (fixed) style. Civil servants are sent for courses to learn how to handle the citizens' complaints, how to give ambiguous answers, what type of letters don't deserve a reply. I see.

They are told not to waste time on people who can't write a rational letter. If I'm good at letter writing, I would be sitting in their positions, won't I?

Anyway, what the heck! They can read or ignore my feedback, I'll still write and post my bad experiences here. And I'm translating them into Mandarin too.


marionette said...

I saw your blog and the education issue through the search engines. While I sympathize with your concerns, I find it a little strange.

I'm not certain about the number of schools that do donations, but I think you've mentioned that the two students failed to enter into any of the top tier schools.

I would like to suggest that perhaps, our education system is still largely meritocratic and relatively few schools engage in a money-for-student transactions.

What I don't quite understand from the posts is - you appear to be the one facilitating the student's initial transfer to Singapore.

Why did you do that?

I also gathered that you receive threats of some sort. Did you alert the police about that?

Given your (understandably and justifiably) low level trust in bureaucracies, I agree that you might think it better to go directly to the MP. But personally, I see threats as a breach of law and I'd approach the police (whether or not they resolve it eventually).

You said you don't write well and are discriminated on the basis of that, but I think you sound articulate in english from your blog, just a little emotional perhaps.

EastCoastLife said...

You would be surprised by the number of TOP schools here in Singapore which engage in a money-for-student transactions!! I was in the inside. Lots of evidence.

Why is the Government offering scholarships and enticing foreign students to come to Singapore? Agents were hired to recruit foreign students. Embassy staff overseas facilitate the foreign students' transfer to Singapore. Large amount of effort and money was spent to make sure these foreign students integrate into our system. No expenses was spared.

Our own children, a S$200 bursary also must produce proof, evidence of family income, must be justified....
Not many Singaporeans know these, even MPs.

I was following the call of the government. Promote our world-class education. I regretted bringing in the trash and parasites. But the schools welcome them and their accompanying mothers. They would bend over to do anything.

Our Singapore Police Force has demonstrated time and again their incompetence, uselessness and bo-chap attitude. I have several police reports that are never taken seriously.

You would think me crazy not to go to the police. I did. I went further, to the Senior Minister of State (Education) and PM. And what happened? Nothing.

So I had to take matters into my own hands. Don't expect those people to protect you, we have to DIY!

I haven't reach my emotional stage... yet. Being harassed and threatened for 8 years... living in fear ... how can one not be emotional?

The day I'm emotionless, Singapore would be in big trouble.

Imagine 911.