Monday, 20 October 2008

Minister Mah Bow Tan's ancestors are criminals?

A cowardly moron (nick : has been posting defamatory posts about me on since the beginning of May 2012.

He or she is probably frustrated because he or she might be one of those corrupted people especially civil servants whom I complained to CPIB. Those whom I complained to CPIB deserve whatever punishment our law hands you.

When your cases are published in the mainstream media, I will make sure I will viral them with lots of your photos and personal info to as many people and through as many platforms as I can. Your innocent family members will be the ones most hurt, just like what you did to me. 

Send me more death threats. I am not afraid. I will be posting whatever you sent to me .... soon.

The best is yet to come

updated by Jayne on 27 May 2012

To speak up against unfair practices and injustice, EastCoastLife gets her fair share of attacks... online and off.... from those whom she's up against. Trolls, flaming and cyber attacks are common. I even receive death threat. I accept this fate and will work harder to expose these scums. Nothing can stop me. You hear?

Recently, some of them have followed me to blogs I surfed and left unsavoury comments. Below is one slanderous remark where innocent Hainanese including prominent Singapore leaders are included. How audacious!

Comment by troll, found at ieat to me :

I quote, in case readers can't see clearly :

Hainanese is famous for aggressive conversation and any can turn into a fight kind. What to do.... hainanese are basically political criminals dumped into the leetle island and they do nothing but fight all day long.

海南人是出了名的好与人争吵的,他们随时都能打起来。有什么办法呢.... 海南人基本上就是被弃在小岛的政治犯 , 每天无所事事的, 就好打架.

Prominent Hainanese in Singapore are :

Minister for National Development Mah Bow Tan,
Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon (Minister of State, Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports),
Ngiam Tong Dow, former Permanent Secretary (Administrative Vice-Minister) of the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government..... etc.

The ancestors of these accomplished people and all the Hainanese were political criminals?

These trolls have often left flaming remarks at ieat's blog. I told ieat and cactuskit I would refrain from commenting but we decided to track them down. I was told to aggravate my troll but ieat couldn't take the heat later and removed the offending comments, yet leaving the troll's taunts and rebukes in his post.

This is what I constantly face. The Lone fighter of baddies because every one wants to be the nice guy.

My comments on ieat's blog after 15th October was made at ieat's request, yet when I'm called 'belligerent' by his readers when I commented, he chose to delete the comments and keep silent.

Who is this uzyn mentioned in the above comment?

Chua Uzyn, Malaysian who utilised Singapore government education subsidies for years to study in Singapore. Obtain seed funding from the Government for his IT projects, and banned Singaporeans, including EastCoastLife who spoke out against his arrogance, from it.

Singaporean men who have served their NS have to protect 'FTs' like him who don't need to serve NS when war starts!

Uzyn took S$200 cash from my husband to pay his kaki (illegal baker of anniversary cake at his aggregator's first anniversary). Amazingly, no receipt was given when his company is registered. Foreigners are Kings in Singapore? No wonder he can be so garang!

In democratic Singapore, Singaporeans get banned for speaking up against a foreigner's unfair practices! He's so much more powerful than our Government!

Members of, mostly foreigners

I welcome foreigners to work, study and live in Singapore, but if they get special privileges through illegal means or commit offences, they will have to face our Law as we Singapore citizens do. I have a few cases where foreigners commit serious offences in Singapore but were let off.

Get me this guy... I want to hand him on a platter to the ministers and the Hainanese.

Dig him out, his company, his family, his address.... I'll publish his details in every available means, for every one to see. Let's make an example of him for his irresponsible comments.

S$10,000 reward!

'belligerent' is too mild a word to describe EastCoastLife.......


Twentyfour_sucks said...

There were at least 2 Singaporean bloggers arrested and charged for making racist remarks online, right? The people who made the insensitive remarks about Hainanese people should face the same consequences too!

EastCoastLife said...

Yes, people do get charged for making racist remarks and slander.

That's why it is important to be responsible for what one says.

New rules and laws on cyber speech will be coming... soon.

Doing the best I can to clean up this cyber sh*t.

the virgin undergrad said...
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the virgin undergrad said...

Chill lah auntie, I'm Hainanese myself and I'm not even offended. If anything, the comment seems underlines his ignorance rather than audacity.

You've just made his day by letting him know that you've gone totally ballistics over his comment. And that one snide remark is worth $10,000? Comeon

Tangerine said...

being a hainanese myself, i've not seen any hainanese being what was described. perhaps I've seen more of the described traits in other dialect groups which i won't be naming. anyway, cast away my hainanese identity, i thought a personalities and characteristics were built based on their up bringing. How a person behave and attitude depends on the teachings of their parents. Like how I was taught, when the child did something wrong, the parents are the one to be question. But just because we being adult already, doesn't meant that our parents are not let questioned for their "credibility".