Saturday, 1 November 2008

Building a Sustainable Community

Dr Yaacob replying to a query

The IMCSD Secretariat is organising dialogue sessions to facilitate more in-depth discussions on the Sustainable Singapore blueprint.

The first session on "Building a Sustainable Community" was chaired by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. This forum discussed issues related to sustainable community such as resource efficiency, littering, recycling, importance of public education and partnerships.

It was attended by more than 140 people and they were treated to a buffet prior to the forum discussion. Top civil servants were present too but as usual did little to engage the participants or bother to know them. :) Their MP and Minister bosses are better hosts, usually they would be the first to greet and acknowledge the ordinary citizens.

25 people spoke, some irrelevant. A China national studying in NUS (probably a scholar) spoke, but the Minister had difficulty understanding what he was saying. When the Minister asked him to 'wrap up' his lengthy speech, the guy could not understand those words. :) How's that for a scholar? The Minister saw and heard hor.

There were several outspoken Singaporeans who gave very amusing views. I'm beginning to enjoy dialogue sessions. :)


The second session on "Enhancing our Physical Environment" will be chaired by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development. This forum will focus on issues related to the physical environment such as improving the energy efficiency of our built environment and public housing, as well as the quality of our green and blue spaces.

Building a Sustainable Community (28th October 2008)
Dr Yaacob Ibrahim,
Minister for the Environment and Water Resources

URA Auditorium, The URA Centre,
45 Maxwell Road, 5th storey Podium, Singapore 069118


Liz said...

Hello ecl, i'm curious, so do you dislike the Singapore govt or do you support them? You are quite a gungho and fearless lady, but 'm sure you realise some comments you make may offend them, so why do you still do it?

EastCoastLife said...

I love my country, Singapore.

Anyone who is working for the benefit of Singapore citizens and towards improving the state of our country, I'll support.

I dislike most civil servants. They think they have the mandate from an Emperor. There is no law within certain Ministries. Those I'm trying to expose.

I speak what I feel, what I saw, what I hear. I don't carry their balls. Some of them know I have their balls squeezed tight in my hand. :)

Any Minister wants to hear uncensored, real views from an ordinary citizen, can come speak to me. I'm not afraid to say what I think about the policies, civil servants and our leaders.

In my emails to PM, I don't give face too. But PM is still giving me help. Big men have big hearts.

So if the civil servants are so easily offended, Singapore will keep sliding......

And they are offended. I just realised my registration to attend Minister Mah Bow Tan's dialogue session wasn't approved. geez....