Sunday, 25 January 2009

Budget 2009 Public Forum at the Grassroots' Club.

Chairpersons: Mr Gan Kim Yong, Acting Minister for Manpower
Dr Amy Khor, Chairman, REACH

The Singapore Government introduced a S$20.5 billion Resilience Package to try to save jobs, boost businesses. This Package has five components:

Jobs for Singaporeans
The Government will spend $5.1 billion to help Singaporeans stay employed so they can continue to support their families by introducing a, Enhancing SPUR, (Skills Programme for Upgrading and Resilience) providing a WIS Special Payment and expanding recruitment across the public sector.

Stimulating Bank Lending
The Government will extend $5.8 billion of government capital to stimulate bank lending through enhancing existing schemes and a new Special Risk-Sharing Initiative (SRI). The SRI comprises a new Bridging Loan Programme (BLP) and new risk-sharing schemes for trade financing.

Enhancing Business Cash-flow and Competitiveness
The Government will implement various tax concessions and measures costing $2.6 billion to ease business cash-flow and sharpen Singapore's competitiveness.

Supporting Families
The Government will spend $2.6 billion on direct assistance to Singaporean households, increased targeted help for vulnerable groups and additional support for Charitable Giving and the Community. These measures will be in addition to the help that the households will derive from the Jobs initiatives (mentioned above).

Building A Home for the Future

The Government will spend $4.4 billion to continue to develop Singapore as a global city and the best home for Singaporeans by bringing forward $1.3 billion worth of infrastructure projects, $1 billion worth of sustainable development programmes, public housing estate rejuvenation and the upgrading education and health infrastructure.

2009/2010 budget deficit to be 6 per cent of GDP, before accounting for transfers. This is the largest deficit to date.

Government rules out cuts in employers' contributions to Central Provident Fund.

Government to create 18,000 public sector jobs over the next two years.

participants at Budget 2009 Public Forum

When the government gave a property tax rebate in 2003 to landlords, our landlord did not pass on the savings by reducing our rent of a commercial property. Many of my business friends did not benefit from it too.

There is a 40% property tax rebate for owners of industrial and commercial properties this year. We don't know if we would get a rebate. There is no assurance that landlords would do so this time.

Date: 23 Jan 2009 (Friday)
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Location: Function Room 1 @ The Grassroots Club,
190, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. Singapore 568946


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I got to let you know that your comment will disappear because at my blog, it has been a tradition that 99% of the 'Notice' post will be deleted. So it's not censorship on you.

About migration... everywhere you go,if you are the typical Singaporean, people will end up probably taking you like shit. The catch is very simple, I am outlandish, and I play the game as they play with me outside in a world-ish rule. Things can be done alot easier if you are not merely a Singaporean 'sheep'.

Frankly speaking, I have low or no trust to Singaporeans nowadays, and I can understand your plight. But however, I must stress that this shit is government's problem because whoever are selected, employed, positioned and social engineered cannot be our problem.

Trust me, I know the issue about civil services more than you can ever imagined. You can only make the top changes anything by miracle, or you are going to crush against the government like those oppositions. And I don't think the oppositions are any greater guys either. Outside, while there are criticisms from critical analysis on the incumbent, but we see not many (or if there is even any) noble men or women in the opposition. The 'auntie and uncle's thinking is useless to change anything.

The only way out is migration or you grab the power, or help the saints get the power. Simple logic.

Bullyings will never stop among barbarians, even when an avalanche is crushing down towards them that they should have inclined towards a united society.

I have seen those comments on your blog by some from as well. At least a few I know are the problematic ones. How big is the local internet scene?

Singapore is only so tiny... talents are only so few, waste is so huge, nosenses are aplenty.

You have blogged about your 'personal fight' in Singapore. Commendable.

About meeting up... I am not sure how you'd like to suggest.

I am more inclined to make the Project S works, becos if Project S takes off... Wow~ The outside is huge and beautiful, with plenty of things those in this well won't understand. Why go fight to make a better well when all the barbarians see no need to change... just as acid is going to be poured in?

That's a jest. But Project S must take off nonetheless, and I currently have some personal (family issues) to handle and can't leave Singapore. If your association is interested, your support will come in handy.

It's not retard to migrate. Dear big girl... I have seen so many migrated and enjoying life out there and refuse to return and they gave births outside Singapore disregarding any incentive. It's not naive... It's just that you may be too typical a Singaporean.

A few friends have gone to Australia, one has set up a family there and said he's lonely while the others having fun, and all of them are in their careers. Even Gong Li, Chow Yun Fatt and Wu Zheng Yu... all related to Singapore, but who have appeared in Mediacorp productions all those years? They are all outside... thriving. When I am returning, I don't need people telling me not to come back, I know there is NOTHING here for me. And indeed, I encountered nosenses after nosenses instead.

I am choosing a new city more carefully now. Because Beijing was an health hazard to me. A lot of talents are there, and of course, the small people Beijing also got (against foreign talents).

99% of my friends are foreingers, it's pure torture trying to click with Singaporeans or migrants here whose eyes open with dollar signs... and whose mouths open with snobbish breaths. :D

Migrating is not about the body moving... it's the heart. You know the need to migrate, you have to have the ability to know you need to appreciate the culture out there. (Eg)Outside, people talk about love, if you move outside, you talk about Singapore-style of relationship... Of course, people will take you as shit. What is Singapore-style relationship?

Our society is declining when it has no foundation to start with. The world outside have many who despise us. I was dragged in as well, merely because I am 'Singaporean'. The trick about migration is hence very simple... If you want a better world, you have to be a better person. In China, when they sense that you are a snob or small people, they still smile at you (provided you have something they crave after) but they'd never be friends.

So if you really want to migrate, it's not naive. You know, I was taking up an art-director job when I coughing blood due to the pollution... There are TONS of opportunities out there for talents. In Singapore, talents find themselves sweeping the floors, doing waiter jobs, be laborers, and those who refuse to cheat suffers under the nose of the talented government.

This is how this tiny island will compete. It's a joke when the NTUC find people like us jobless in Singapore to be librarians... You know how much we are worth outside?

This is a joke. Who wants to return to work for crackpots and smart alecs, to clean the toilets and sweep the floors, and see the talents run the place into crisis?

There is this guy called Melvin Tan on papers... Singaporeans attacked him for migrating. But if he doesn't, how would be a musician?

You look at my blog, I have one mirror with CGPs in China's Sohu for a whole 1~2 years... Peaceful. Once those an engaged it... nothing but nosenses.

It's a shame, but this is Singapore. Those online rascals are no better offline.

Emigration is not naive or retard. I have personally seen many Singaporeans thriving out after 9 months of job searching or relation-building. I personally miss the chatterboxes in China. LOL~

For me, after all these years... there is nothing in Singapore but nosenses. They really think talents are cheap. ECL, I 'migrated' to Beijing with less than S$2000. If you want to migrate, you'd need to be prepared for a job search for about 9~12 months in general. And some tried no less than 3 times. A plain jane I know in Europe was actually modelling in China and she was so happy she found her life.

Let the rest go and sweep Singapore clean, waste their time in Singapore, I'm going overseas to start Project S after settling the family issues. I know a 'school bully', he joined the grassroot and became rich. LOL~

But how would Singapore compete with such people prospering?

Ever since I return to Singapore... I feel I am wasting time here. You cannot convince those people as you cannot reason with those at And I can't be bothered with them.

You really think they bother with the 'competitiveness' of Singapore's talented media industry, for instance?

When my aged parents are no longer here, I would be overseas shooting and in my career. What I do has no age limits, btw. ^.^

A guy went to Spain, it's a beautiful place, beautiful people, at the beach and you see the beautiful sunset. And the paperworks is not hard. I know a pair of Amercian couples, they travelled to Iran and do business. People said Iran is not good... but they only see Iran from new reports. LOL~

The smart alecs can bully all they want, they are serve to drive talents away for Singapore. And the government should thank them by associating with them, and make them even richer. With such 'talents' in Singapore, I have no doubt that migration will continue to be in fashion.

ECL, it's very hard to convince people migrating is naive because even you yourself is under attack and you know the nosenses in Singapore, and many Singaporeans are indeed staying out and refusing to return.

After all these years, I just don't want to waste more time having any more hope of having a career in Singapore. Gong Li is a good example, magnified by MP Lee Bee Hwa. If I were to (say) have the MP specially take photo with me, I think the best is to do what Gong Li does, base yourself overseas, and contribute to others' success. After all, do you really want to sweep Singapore clean and expect the MP to value you more than Gong Li? LOL~