Friday, 20 June 2008

NAT by Gambling Suppression Branch

A government study on gambling released in May 2008 found more Singaporeans are picking it up in their teenage years.

1st June 2008, Vivian Balakrishnan was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Community Sports Festival: 'When people start earlier, their sense of judgement and restraint may not be well developed. And once young gamblers get hooked on their habit, they face the danger of it becoming a lifetime of addiction.'

Tell it to the Head of Gambling Suppression Branch, Chia Tang Heng!!


An email was cc to PM Lee Hsien Loong.

RE : NAT (No Action Taken) by Gambling Suppression Branch

27th September 2004, I called GSB to make a report about some students of MacPherson Secondary school who were collecting and making illegal football bets on the European Premier League. The duty officer that day was Joseph. I gave him my contact number and e-mail. NAT.

29th September 2004, I faxed a complaint to the Head of GSB. NAT.

From 4th October to 14th October 2004, I tried to contact Joseph regarding the complaint. I called 1800 435 0000, the Operator put me through. I called almost daily, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, for almost 10 days. Nobody picked up the phone. I faxed Joseph on 14th October 2004. NAT.

I then spoke to a couple of police officers who advised me to make a police report at a police station. I made a police report at Marine Parade NPC on 18th October 2004 with my husband. After taking down statements from my hubby and I, the police office asked if anyone besides us knew about the case. I turned round, there were 5 people sitting right behind us waiting for their turns to make police reports.

"er.... yah. Now got 5 more people know."

My report number was G/20041018/0194D. I was given the name of AIO Vince Yeo and telephone number 6244 0000 to contact. NAT.

A few days later, Koh Kian Tat from GSB finally called me to take my statement. I went down to the Police Headquarters in Cantonment. He asked me to wait in the corridor while he went to get the key for an empty investigation room.

I heard loud and clear, he said to his colleagues in the room, "The char bo (derogatory remark for a woman) is here." I knew then I wouldn't be taken seriously. I was viewed as a nuisance. I handed him a tape that had more than a month of the recordings of the boys' betting conversations. NAT.

On 12th November 2004, I faxed Koh to inform him, my foreign students involved in this case were returning to their country on 23rd November 2004. NAT.

19th November 2004, I left a message for Koh to call me back. He called to say he had handed the case to his supervisor Lim Meng Ann. The file was sitting on Lim's table then. The foreign students could go back to their country first.

I asked Koh if he wanted the students' addresses and contact numbers in their countries, he said no need. He must be very happy that they were leaving. It seemed very obvious that GSB never intend to investigate this case.


Password1 said...

hi ECL, regarding the gambling in schools incident, it happened in 2004 and i'm curious to know, what was the outcome? Is it still happening now? I'd like to find out more about this. it'd be great if you can drop me a reply at: thanks!

eastcoastlife said...

Hi password1,
The outcome? None of the boys were called in for questioning. GSB did nothing.

It's still happening in our schools.... especially top boys' schools. Surprised ah. :)