Saturday, 21 June 2008

Lame Excuse from Head of Gambling Suppression Branch

Is there anyone who cared? Illegal betting syndicates are infiltrating into our government schools. The students involved are as young as 15 years old. Some are runners who are raking in 'big money' for their age. There isn't any need for them to study anymore.

As the parent of a young boy who is studying in a neighbourhood secondary school, it is worrying for me. The students involved were gambling with real money. Each bet was from S$50 to S$300. A student can buy up to 10 bets a single weekend. This is no joke.

I was worried for the other younger children in my house. What if those boys lost heavily and got into debts or turned to loansharks? Wouldn't my family and wards be in trouble?

Some of the students were taking their 'O' levels exams that year. It seemed unimportant to them then. They don't need that certificate to be a successful bookie. I fear more students would take this route if action is not taken first. Why wasn't an investigation carried out to flush out the bookie?

The foreign students were sent back to their country. I knew then nothing was going to be done. I sent a letter to GSB, cc to PM Lee Hsien Loong.

On 30th November, Head of GSB, Chia Tang Heng called and apologized. He also said that by sending my letter to PM's office, it made them looked bad. Well, they deserve it for slacking in their jobs. He tried to cover his backside by telling me how tough their jobs were. I told him my husband was an ex-police officer. And we had discussed my case with several police officers who said that GSB’s handling of my case was not according to police procedure.

Chia Tang Heng rose through rank and file. He didn't know what his men were doing during office hours? And he didn't know what was going on? I guess they only want to go after 'big fish' so that they would be mentioned on local news. Small cases don't get them noticed and promoted. Haven't they heard of, 'A stitch in time saves nine?'

I gave GSB a copy of taped phone conversations of my ward placing bets with the bookie. I gave GSB a list of the bookies and the students who bet, their handphones and telephone numbers. I guess GSB threw them away.

One of the bookies on his Friendster openly declared that 'I f*** the police! hahaha' after the investigation.

Finally, Chia Tang Heng said the youths were just trying to make some pocket money, so GSB just gave them a warning. Pocket money amounting to thousands of dollars a week, lose or win? For secondary school children, that sort of amount for pocket money sounds incredible. But Chia Tang Heng was determined this is his conclusion.

Case closed for GSB. Not for eastcoastlife.  


coolingstar9 said...

Gaming at the young age is really bad, hope the situation can be curbed.
Have a nice weekend.

eastcoastlife said...

Hi coolingstar,
Of course it is bad to gamble from young. But surprisingly the people in Gambling Suppression Branch think it is okay, the students are only making pocket money.

Thomas Loh said...

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