Thursday, 12 June 2008

No mention of policeman who lied

Message Classification: Restricted

Dear Ms Goh,

I refer to your email dated Tuesday 22 April 2008 regarding your
visit to Parliament House on Monday, 21 April 2008.

2 Please let me explain some of the issues that you raised.

3 We do have strict attire protocol for visitors attending Parliament
sitting to ensure that the stature and dignity of Parliament are upheld.
Sports attire is generally discouraged though casual smart attire is
acceptable. Our officers would exercise his/her discretion in this

4 Similarly, we do have a seating protocol for visitors in the
Strangers’ Gallery where visitors are not allowed to choose their seats for
security reasons.

5 We apologise for the conveniences this has caused you.

6 We have reviewed our procedures to improve our service standards. We
thank you for your valuable feedback, which will really help us to improve
our service to the public, and hope you will continue to visit Parliament

Chan Kim Hock
Director of Security
Parliament House
Tel : 63326689
Monday, May 05, 2008 11:56:05 AM

cc Kasim RAI; Ong Boon Chye; Jumiyah MOHAMED

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Note :
1. Sports attire is generally discouraged but not banned. I was denied
entry for that but the Japanese man who was in sports attire was given access.
Double standard was applied.

There are CCTVs in Parliament House. It can view all the visitors that day
and see for themselves the Japanese man who was in sports attire.

2. officers would exercise his/her discretion in this
- here I take it to mean they do things according to if they
like your face or not, or whether my sports attire is branded. They are the
authority, whatever they say is the law. Ordinary citizens have to take it,
like it or not.

A Singapore citizen is denied entry for wearing what the officer called
'sports attire' whereas a Japanese visitor who was in golf attire
was welcomed.

The most important part of my email : Policeman who
lied was not mentioned at all.

Email sent - 22nd April 2008
23rd April 2008 - email from Parliament Secretariat that they are looking
into the matter.
5th May 2008 - Director of Security Chan Kim Hock replied.
Time taken - 2 weeks