Friday, 13 June 2008

Can Explain Full Details on the phone but cannot in writing

Dear Mr Chan and all,

Attached is a photo of my attire that day. I have worn this same pair of
pants to Parliament House twice before this incident and wasn't stopped
even though the Chinese senior Parliament officer (I don't have his name...
yet) was present.

Just because my casual long pants has two white stripes on the sides, it is
called track pants. Whereas the Japanese visitor in his golf sports attire
(his pants has two red stripes down the sides) was called smart casual
wear. I should put on expensive branded sports wear the next time, it's
unthinkable a Singapore citizen is discriminated in her own country.

If I'm not allowed to choose my seat, why wasn't I told? The Malay police
officer lied to me. He said there were no seats even when I asked, 'Are
you sure? What about the other side?' I saw that the box keeping the ICs of
the visitors was quite empty. And sure enough, when I changed into the new
pair of pants I bought and went in, more than half the gallery seats were
empty. Why pick on me?

A police officer lied to me. Don't skip this issue, address this. What
disciplinary action will you take against this police officer. On such a
small matter, he can lie, I cannot imagine what he is capable of.

Thank you for taking such a long time to reply my feedback.

Jayne Goh

Dear Ms Jayne,
I give you my assurance that we are not trying to skip or hide this
issue. Would it be possible for me to contact you so that I can you to
explain to you the full details.

**************** ooOoo *****************
Dear Mr Chan,
It is more appropriate for you to reply in writing. I was intimidated by
another civil servant from another ministry when he called 'to explain'.
In order to avoid misunderstanding, please reply by email.


Jayne Goh

Dear Ms Goh,
We have noted your feedback and the appropriate remedial action will
be taken.

Warmest regards.

***************** ooOoo *******************

Chan Kim Hock can explain 'the full details' if I gave him my contact
number, but he won't in writing.

My questions weren't answered. Chan Kim Hock didn't do his job.
It's civil servants like him who make the ordinary citizens pissed
off with our Government.