Saturday, 14 June 2008

NO toilet paper in Bedok South Secondary School boys' toilets

Dear Mdm Koh,

This is the 5th time in 2 years! Jaymes rushed home all the way from school
yesterday. Why?

He had a bad tummy ache, and there is NO toilet paper in the boys'
toilets. He had brought his own toilet paper but he gave to his friends who
were in need and when he had an emergency yesterday, he ran out of it.

According to Jaymes, the school stopped supplying toilet paper because some
mischievous boys played with it, causing some problems?

I think this is not right. Isn't the school supposed to provide toilet
paper? And to think the school penalised all the boys for that small group
of pranksters? Isn't the school supposed to teach its students what is
acceptable and what is not?

This is not a small matter. Jaymes almost shit in his pants in the few
occasions. His classmates can vouch for that. Darren shit in his pants
once and Jaymes had to call his Dad down to bring him for a change.

How can you stop a bad tummy upset? Especially when you had the runs.

Please discuss with your staff how to solve this problem.


Jayne Goh

******************** ooOoo **********************

Hi Mrs Tan,

There is really no need for Jaymes to rush home to use the toilets. There
are provision for toilet paper so long as there are request. General Office
do issue toilet paper. Book shop sells tissues. Staff and students also
have with them extra packets of tissue and would be most willing to give
them to Jaymes under such emergencies.

Koh Teck Siew (Mdm)