Monday, 4 August 2008

What type of educators do we have in Singapore?

Donations you want to take, credit you want to claim. When something happens, you push the blame to others.

What great educators! What good models you are for our future generations!

Is it necessary for foreign students to pass their entrance tests? No.
Give donations can get admission to our public schools.

Principal or vice-principal or someone in charge of admission will alter your marks so you score at least 50%.

English language scored 17% or 23%, foreign students can still go to Express class!

Foreign students can get admitted to a secondary school even before PSLE secondary school posting is out. To avoid suspicion, foreign students attend schools a few days later than local students.

While law-abiding guardians make their foreign students go for tuition and register at many schools for entrance tests. Some guardians have special privileges. Their foreign students only go to one particular primary or one particular secondary school for entrance tests. The exam papers were even given for them to practise at home.

Are these legal? What a silly question!

Their Excuse : MOE has no clear guidelines.

Even a person with little education can tell you what can be done, what cannot be done. Why are we wasting money on such highly educated civil servants!?

Some foreign students have to return home after failing many entrance tests. Too bad..... they can only blame their guardians who don't know how to 'go about it'. 不会做人啊!

Wear a cross around your neck, you call yourself a Christian! Never tell lies!?

I lost hope in our police and MOE, let's watch CPIB.