Friday, 11 July 2008

A simple 'Sorry' was all that's needed

Many people thought I was after the blood of the prinicpals and vice principal. Yeah it looks like it, with such persistence and determination, I could have done very drastic things. They did drive me to depression and finally a mental breakdown. But no.

First of all, what I really don't understand was, when I seek a simple clarification of MOE policy why did it have to turn so ugly? When I gave details, I trusted the civil servant who's not paid peanuts. She couldn't handle a simple investigation. For her convenience (or her context of efficiency), she forwarded the whole letter with the particulars of the informer to the school that was complained. MOE HQ has a set of the student's particulars, why couldn't she just checked it?

Would the foreign parents be so mad and subsequently threatened and harassed me if the officers of MOE and the principal of Bedok North Secondary School had handled the case more professionally? The principal could have scrutinized the formal documents of the student and warned the parents of the consequences of providing false information.

In fact they were told and warned before the Letter of Acceptance was issued to the student. When they were found out, they could have sent a simple letter to the parents that they themselves had provided the wrong information and thus the school was unable to accept their daughter into Secondary 1.

But their main concern at that moment, was that my feedback might cause them their jobs or promotion. They panicked and were clearly embarrassed, not knowing how to face the parents when they had the ugly task of throwing their daughter out of school. Instead of explaining the policy of MOE, they chose to push the blame to me. They kept insisting that if no one had complained, Kimberly could still continue to study in the secondary school, causing the parents to vent their anger on me. Which in turn caused me to fight back. Was helping Cindy a smart move? MOE and the primary school principal bent over too far to help them. The parents committed the offence of false declaration twice.

Educators are supposed to nurture our young, look at this lot. With this kind of educators, our education system is doomed, not academically weak but the qualities needed in our students to be top administators and leaders are not strong. Who are they to punish their students if they themselves are not good models? They lied, they shirk responsibilities, they cheat to cover their own backsides. Is that what MOE look for in leaders? It seems the wrong people are chosen for promotion in the civil service these recent years.

Had they done the correct procedure and also apologised to me for their mistakes, I would have accepted. Had I not snapped out of my depression, lives could have been lost. Not everyone can be brushed off easily, don't try your usual tactics on everyone.

For ex-Senior Minister of State (Education) Chan Soo Sen, welll... you got your wish. You are only an MP.

I'm waiting for PM Lee Hsien Loong's investigation, as to how MOE can conduct shabby investigations and having the guts to lie to him.