Monday, 15 September 2008

4 police cars and 8 policemen couldn't catch a foreign worker

The gate of the construction site was locked. I yelled for the workers to come out. I bashed the gate with my baseball bat. The commotion was so loud, many of the neighbours came out. Hubby had called the police and he brought the maid to the scene. She was nonchalant, even sneered when I was bashing the gate. I looked like a crazy woman.

4 police cars arrived, bringing 8 policemen from Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Post. The officer in charge Bala questioned the maid.

Several branded clothes were missing from my house then and I didn't know what else was missing at that moment. Hubby saw the man carrying a plastic bag. Did the maid pass him something from my house? I never get to know. The maid refused to tell.

The police tried to get the workers to open the gate. When they refused, one of the officers climbed into the premise. They did a search of the construction site and rounded up the men. My maid's boyfriend had escaped. How? Don't know. Probably climbed over the fence and flee through another neighbour's compound.

Police officer Bala just asked the maid some question and suggested that I send her packing. That was it!? The police didn't see the need to bring her back to the station for interogation.

He shrugged his shoulders and said that was nothing the police could do. He had seen lots of such cases. He had even caught foreign workers trespassing houses when they went to spend the night with their maid girlfriends. These maids were sent home immediately by their employers.

I was concerned the escaped worker would return to harm my family since he knew where I stayed. Bala agreed to see the foreman of the construction site the next day. He would try to get the particulars of the worker. That was a load of crap.

I waited two weeks for him to get back to me. When he didn't, I faxed a complaint to the Marine Parade Police Post.


Twentyfour_sucks said...

According to your story, the foreign worker didn't trespass into your house. He was just dating your maid. On what legal grounds can you expect the police to execute your wish of capturing the worker? You just want to control your maid like a slave. Please reflect on your own actions.

EastCoastLife said...

How do you know he didn't trespass into my house? You're his friend ah?

My maid was all alone in the house usually in the mornings and early part of afternoon. There were times when I was overseas, he probably would have come into my house.

He was having sex with my maid, I found photos of them taken in bed.

Branded stuff were missing from my house. I suspect the foreign workers took them. The police didn't want to investigate. I should have gone further and given them Hell.

If the worker was innocent, why run away and dare not return?

Quit your holier-than-thou crap, and reflect on your OWN actions. Coward who dare not show your identity. God knows who you are.

To come here and pass comments when you know nothing and accuse others, you are no better than my maid and her lover.

Twentyfour_sucks said...

Haha, so you think you are SO high and mighty, and your maid and her boyfriend are scum? Really!?!?! Your maid and her boyfriend are still human, they still have feelings and needs, they also have parents, just like you have parents and your son has parents. Stop looking down on people and expect the police and everyone else to obey you. You are no queen! Good luck to you living in your own world of utopia where everything must go by your rules. Get real, the world doesn't work the way you want it to.

EastCoastLife said...

Wow, who's the bloody High and Mighty coward who have the audacity to come here and ask people to reflect on their actions when its own pathetic self is hiding in the dark using an assumed name. Geez... It's easy to point at others but 4 fingers are pointing back at you.

The Government and MOM are the ones who need to treat its citizens and the foreign workers as human beings who have feelings and needs. Employers get penalised when their maids get pregnant, the maids know their employers have to forfeit S$5000 but yet they knowingly have sex with their boyfriends. Yeah, they are humans too, so they can also lie, cheat, steal, they are not the pathetic workers they are usually made out to be.

I don't look down on others and I don't expect the police to obey me. They have a mind of their own as everyone can see.

You are a Hell of a hypocrite who loves to assume and make out people to be what you think. Sick! Where do you come from? Your mother's asshole?