Saturday, 13 September 2008

Trust the maid!? haha....

In the day, the neighbourhood looks quiet because the mams and the sirs are at work and the children are in school. The maids reserved mornings for their get together parties. I once came home to get a document and saw maids gathering in a condo unit nearby. They were having a potluck party. And according to my maid, there were such parties once a week and usually when it's some one's birthday.

An elderly neighbour warned me one day to lock my metal grill gate because one day, she and her maid were cooking in the kitchen when she heard noises in front of her house. She went out to take a look.

Just in time to see a Bangladeshi worker pushing her bicycle through the front gate. She shouted at him and he fled, leaving the bike. Such boldness! They were probably keeping a lookout on houses that have only elderly folks, young kids and maids.

My new maid was good when she first arrived. For 2 years, I have no major problems with her. And I renewed her contract. I trusted her too much which was a mistake.

One night, my husband noticed that she had been going to bed late for a few months. It's lights off in my house at 10pm. The maid had to wake up at 6am daily, so she would finish her work at 8pm and she could then go to bed.

She was going to bed around midnight, after taking out the trash. It went on for months, I didn't get suspicious, hubby did. One night he secretly followed her. The trash bin was 2 m from the house and she wasn't in sight. Hubby strolled along the road and found her holding hands with a Bangladeshi worker at a nearby bus-stop.

When she spotted my husband, she quickly let go her hand and ran home. Hubby followed the Bangladeshi worker who was holding a plastic bag. He was a worker residing in the construction site behind my backyard. Hubby rushed home to inform me.

Angered at the audacity of these people, I took my baseball bat and went charging to the construction site....


Twentyfour_sucks said...

You have the right to be angry, but you have no right to use violence on the worker.

EastCoastLife said...

Where did I use violence on the worker? 8 policemen were present and numerous neighbours. Had I used violence, I would have been dealt with.

Liz said...

You are so funny ecl. Your writing is humourous and addictive