Tuesday, 11 November 2008

2 China 'Scholars' Run Away from JC

Just got this report on my table.

2 China scholars from Anderson Junior College were found absent from class for several days. When school staff checked their hostel, they found that the students had packed up and gone to USA!

Apparently these 'smart' students found out that they don't need A level results to gain entry into US universities. They secretly applied for an American University. When they got accepted by one, bought their air-tickets and then run!

What can the Singapore Government do? Sue them? Recover our money? They were not bonded wor.

Many more foreign students will follow their example. :)

Caught on audio : 世上没有免费的午餐?有!在新加坡! 给你吃,给你住,给你上学。念完了,咱拍拍屁股走人!一分钱也不用还。 新加坡政府, 笨! 哈哈哈!

These students were brought over to study in Secondary 3. Gifted? Many are older than our local Secondary 3 students.

When I was in China recruiting students to study in Singapore, I often receive money sandwiched within the pages of application forms. Some Chinese parents mistook that I was recruiting ASEAN scholars for the Singapore Government. The highest amount I found was US$8,000. All the money was returned. Can you imagine when the
actual people go recruiting ......

Shockingly, these foreign ASEAN scholars only need to pass one subject to stay on. Not like Singaporean students, must pass English Language and another how many subjects ah?

Our Government sets aside huge amounts of China Fund for schools to recruit these students. Now, I heard another Indian Fund is set up. Wow!

Singaporeans are always the losers.

I'm tracking these 2 China students down .... I have their photos and particulars, thanks to my sources.


Anonymous said...

With two runaways China 'scholars', it probably deprived possibly two local Singaporean students the chance to study at the JC. Perhaps to deter such runaways, a security deposit be introduced?

LEon said...

Thanks for sharing.

What can security deposit do? The student pay for anything in the first place?

Invest in local and they said they are Quiters then they groom the foreigners by thinking they will be more grateful? It a vicious cycle for these action and reaction.

Do we believe in the good nature of ourselves or we already deem that we are always up to no good and missed the mark?

EastCoastLife said...

ordinary guy,
With the acceptance of every foreign student in our JC or University, it deprives a qualified Singapore citizen to study in our heavily subsidised local higher institutions.

Many of the so called 'scholars' are not really gifted nor smart. This putting down of our own Singapore citizens have got to stop!!

I'm suspicious if this is the 'brilliant' idea of foreign 'scholars' to help their own kind.

I'm compiling a list of top civil servants who are not born in Singapore. Some one is responsible for such crap.

EastCoastLife said...

The ASEAN scholars pay nothing. Yet they get lovely accommodation (multi-million dollar hostels), food, pocket money, free schooling, even return tickets home..... worth tens of thousands of dollars per student every year.

How much does a Singapore student get in Edu Fund each year? A miserable few hundred dollars.

All Singaporean males must do NS. The foreign students go on to U if they pass their As. Now with just Os, they can apply to foreign Universities.

Who are the Quitters?

What is happening in Singapore? Why do we allow this to happen to us? Why? Why? Why?

Why are Singaporeans not fighting for their rights and that of your children and FUTURE GENERATIONS?

LEon said...


It is rather unfair to say the people allow such things to happen to us. In the first place do we have a say for any type of funding or project?

btw do you think PM is reading this blog? :P

WeC said...
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WeC said...

I knew a Chinese who studied under Singapore's program and left to work in US.

He worked in Singapore for a few years and found that "Singapore is too small for his talent" and that "civil servants are a bunch of idiots he has problems communicating his bright ideas".

The most memorial part about his time here in Singapore?? Screwing Singaporean girls knowing he has no intention of any long-term plans..

Jem said...

Feel they should bond WHATEVER student that comes in. At least get them to return 5 years of service b4 they can leave. Our government spend so much money and u just run? Where is your decency man. Oh wait I forgot where they come from...

Kelvin said...

I may think superficially but this may actually be a chance for SG to strengthen diplomatic ties with China. Btw I am SGrean. To say the least, I hate them. They come to take up our resources, our jobs and our social standing as true SGreans. I must admit SG thrives in human capital. Then what the need for foreign "talents"? Wad do they have that SGreans don't? Cunning schemes, recent Chinatown gigolos news and conflicts with them. I am not biased against them but their actions pretty much speak for themselves. If i annoyed any China people, feel free to shoot me but my belief remains. Cheers Singapore. Stop China invasion.

Winson said...

in all seriousness . would you be my mother?

you're the coolest mom.

SheR. said...

I believe the Great Chinese Invasion has just started!

During my most recent trip home, I realised they are everywhere. And Geylang is overrun with Chinese "chickens". Eeks....

I've nothing against them, but I just expect a certain level of decency and self respect (afterall isn't that what Chinese culture is about?). But most of the time, I witness so many shameful acts that I'm embarassed to be seen as a fellow Asian.

Serenula said...

Singapore is already over-runned by what is known as Ah-Tiongs(China people).. I live very near lakeside and every single day ..left or right .. I hear the same irritating voice of china people .. especially the females.. their squeaky voice is like..ear piercing.

I am very sure there is not single place in SG that does not have atleast 100 China ppls...yes even in Little India...

WeC said...

China has 1.3 billion people. The top 1 percent of the best and brightest will more than enough to replace all Singaporeans and FT.

Sebastian said...

Hello again Eastcoast,
so here is where you hide the good posts. I wondered why your blog (eastcoastlife) has become so soft. Did not realize you had created a second blog, until you modified your skin!

So about this entry. I presume that Singapore has taken these measures to attract foreign talent to keep the economy competitive and growing (a link to a website with the objective of these measures would be nice). Personally, I think it is absolutely unreasonable to expect young people (students/high schoolers) to understand and truly appreciate the offer made to them. It should be no surprise that these students might view this as a stepping stone (free lunch) for other plans. They simply lack the maturity, experience and understanding of the world as they are still young. Off course they will make self fish decisions. At such a young age you cannot expect them to understand the graveness of their decisions, tying them down against their own will is foolish. Most people when they are young do not know what they want. Off course it would be interesting to find out why exactly these 2 do not see opportunity in their field in Singapore. Maybe that is justified? Dont get me wrong, I agree that the government must not be foolish in wasting tax payers money. How ever maybe the grants are effective, and if is just a small % that abuses them then that is just the price you pay, nothing is perfect. After all, if a local would receive the grant and end up going abroad the net outcome would be the same.

Would it not be better if Singapore did more on an entrepreneurial level to promote new ventures, by locals and foreigners (who hopefully will also add local talent, sooner or later). People who come to Singapore to start a business or work are usually elder, and more appreciative of the opportunities as they may have selected Singapore for a reason over other countries. At least money invested would flow straight back to Singapore economy (rent, wages etc.).

Captain Crunch

I have always found in business that hiring people who really want to work for your company is better on the long term, than hiring people who appear to be smarter or better initially. People who want to really work in your company/field can be trained or guided to become better if they are lacking in certain areas. People who are better initially often only seem so (there is only so much you can find out in the interview stages), either they will jump ship as soon as the next best offer arrives, or they will turn out to be not as good as expected. It would be interesting to see if find out if the leaders of Singapore lack a little faith in the youth. It would interesting to find out why that may be.

LEon said...

I agree with the sharing of Sebastian regarding "hiring people who really want to work for your company is better on the long term, than hiring people who appear to be smarter or better initially"

However not many employer here had that foresight. The market had been short sighted. The employer had a conception that they can preform better and accept lower pay. Reasons that work for them are at such comparing to local SG

1. They accept lower pay as they do not have family commitment here like the SG citizen who have to foot the bill of their parent staying in SG.

2. They will devote more time at work as they do not have family here in SG (Spending more time at work is not equal to productivity)

3. The FT female will not be having babies and thus will not take the entitled maternity leaves abot 2-4 months.

the hurdles for the local born citizen...

joe said...


The father (MM Lee) knew about this stepping stone situation, he acknowledged it publicly. He does not mind if only a few out of 10 will stay and hopefully contribute to the economy. After all, it is all business as usual. Typical, very typical of our esteemed A-Team government.

Writing to our esteemed PM? Well, he will get back (if he does) to you after he has consulted his old man first.

I guess that this news will be suppressed by our nation-building MSM.

The Coffee Freak said...

I read about this in the New Paper few days back. Seems Singapore is unable to control these "brats" to just runaway...

chineseman27 said...

你们新加坡人是白痴啊! 是你们的英明政府邀请我们过去的!他们知道新加坡百姓太笨啦!是烂泥!不如我们,其实是要我们为你们建国, 为你们造福!

chineseman27 said...

人不为己, 天诛地灭!我们没欠你们的, 别说的这么难听。

这次撞不死你, 不过是给你个警告。骨断好过气断!

RED-man said...
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RED-man said...





RED-man said...


RED-man said...



RED-man said...

Hi Eastcoastlife:

Sorry for the Chinese posting. Some people just cannot mind their own bloody business. So have to give him some of me!

This is a great blog, keep up the good work. Some suggestion, maybe you want to write a articles on why being a first world country, we kept building more and more ITE? Having a small population in this little red dot and still shrinking (low birth rate), why are we increasing ITE facility not only in number but also in sizes?!

Is there a hidden agenda to keep a portion of our population lowly educated at every generation? If 90% of the population can go into tertiary education, i do believe that these ITE will be either another white elephant or wasting tax payer money. In this case, is there a possibility that the MOE will ensure the education standard rise to a bar that will effectively send a portion of our people at every generation to ITE.If this is truth, I think PAP is damn scarely and really go all the way to ensure their seating! Thanks

EastCoastLife said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your views and thoughts.

That's the way to go. We need to give our 2 cents worth on the running of our county, no matter whether they listen or not.

EastCoastLife said...

Whether those people listen to us or not, we need to have our voice heard, no matter how small. The more we keep quiet, the bolder they get.

I started the ball rolling. My voice is just a mosquito buzz... but when more Singaporeans start questioning and giving their views on matters that concern them and their future generations, the buzzing gets louder and then... we have noises which they cannot shut out.

PM does know about all these that I wrote. I emailed him mah. Probably he will speak to his Dad about it too. :D

EastCoastLife said...

Not only the mainland Chinese think like him, some other nationalities who are highly educated in Singapore behave like that too.

Every Chinese wants to go USA.
US is their first choice.
UK next.
Australia, New Zealand also can.

Singapore is their toilet... take a dump, use the toilet paper .... then they are gone.

We, the Singaporeans, clean their sh*t.

EastCoastLife said...

It's everyone for themselves these days. Very obvious working style in MOE and some Ministries. *shivers*

人不为己, 天诛地灭!
Always on the lips of the Chinese.

Our civil servants have to go down to the ground, live with them for some time, fight with them for survival, then they will know whether they are friends or foes.

Stay in air-con room to do planning how to know?

Those people who have been through Communist rule are hungry. they would do anything to get ahead.

EastCoastLife said...

Don't hate them. They are just fighting for their survival. They are hungry, we are not.

We must be hungry, be like them, fight even for a bone. Our parents and Government 'rear' us like domestic animals. We are used to being fed. We are no fight for them.

I know many professionals and highly-educated Chinese in China who don't believe like the lot here in Singapore. The matured and are what Singapore needs.

Not peidu mamas and their fake kids. Not divorcees and widows. Not filthy rich 'businessmen' money-laundering their ill-gotten gains. Not immature 10 plus teenagers who would not think twice about running away to 'better pastures'.
I have so many examples to fill 4 posts.

ICA only has figures and statistics, nothing on their characters and behaviour. They don't even bother to do detail checks.

cracks, loopholes - lots of them in our policies.

EastCoastLife said...

I'm Mom to many young people.... Singaporeans and even other nationalities. haha...

EastCoastLife said...

Our Government wants 6.5 million population? We have another 2 million to fill. I have a theory on that figure. Watch for that post.

We are attracting the wrong people, using the wrong carrots.

We have a few good policies but the people who are executing those policies are either half-past six (dun understand them fully) or they are over zealous in trying to attain promotion. We get different results.

They make mistakes.... then make more mistakes to cover mistakes. It would be mistakes all the way.... They cannot U-turn, because lose face.

We, ordinary citizens, have to bear with the inconveniences and swallow the bitter pills.

EastCoastLife said...

I went to the West of Singapore occasionally and I admire the magnanimosity of the residents there.

The MRT station and malls are filled with foreign workers. I thought I was in India or China.

Beach Road made me think I'm in Thailand. And I'm always surrounded by Filipinos.

I see more foreigners than Singaporeans in my daily life these days.

We have to accept such changes... because we didn't object in the first place. Is it too late to complaint? I believe so.

EastCoastLife said...

Sadly, it's true. If our Government has their way, they would replace all of us. haha....

The best and brightest of China's population are really mo tak teng! Their hearts have only USA. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Captain Crunch!! You are Sebastian! :)

Finally I see your face. Long long time no see. I do miss your comment.

EastCoastLife is akin to 'a brick in a smelly toilet' (Chinese proverb). Hard to get rid and foul mouth. haha..... I will not go soft when it comes to Justice.

Singapore is too tiny, the market is easily saturated. When these people are well educated and trained, with such talents, why would they want to live in a well? They want to see the world, take on tough challenges.

They come from a different environment, Singaporeans lead a too comfortable life. Singaporeans loathe changes, especially when it requires them to work hard.


Promote Entrepreneurship. That's what I did with my son.

Schools prepare students to enter Universities. Those who can't are left half-filled... like buckets.

Even if they could study well, what cushy jobs can they get? The best is to go to Civil Service, comfy jobs.

eh.... I guess after the TOP people read this blog, the snakes in our civil service are going to disappear. No more tea-breaks! :P

I will NEVER allow my son to go into civil service. It's like going to early retirement.

I want him to be an entrepreneur. Get his butt kick, have his head smashed onto walls and have doors slammed into his face. He will learn survival in this jungle and emerge stronger.

He will have to learn to get what he wants, using the least .... ok, that's my training manual for him. Not revealing it here. :P

Entrepreneurship is the way to go. You can get Ivy league graduates to work under you. hehe....

On hiring and dealing with the young generation of employees.... that's a headache. Common problem to many businesses.

They only want to know : how many hours do they have to work per week? Any overtime pay? How many annual leave per year? Shares option!? *Headache*

What are the schools and parents teaching to our young these days?

EastCoastLife said...

If you own a business, don't you want maximum profits? Bosses want horses that are performers and don't have to eat grass. haha.... (又要马儿好, 又要马儿不吃草)

All your 3 points are great observations. :)

EastCoastLife said...

This news is suppressed. Teachers and students are not allowed to talk about it.

How did I get this news? I swept it out from the carpet.

Suppression breeds contempt! Singaporeans are not retards! What is right? What is wrong? There are some Singaporeans who still have conscience.

When their fellow countrymen are short-changed, these few brave souls 'risk their lives' (fire from job or persecution) to give me this. *applause*

eh... some bitter Chinese students whose escape routes were sealed also cannot contain their anger any more. :P

EastCoastLife chooses to be the kaypoh, loud-mouth bitch, troublemaker.

I show Singaporeans the dark sides of some of our civil servants and I'm the snake!? Wahhhh!

I have the means to emigrate but many Singaporeans who don't will have to endure this sh*t!

You throw the sh*t back! And fight like mad!

EastCoastLife said...

The Coffee Freak,
New Paper emailed me for more details. I wasn't in town and couldn't read my emails, so they just took what they like.

EastCoastLife said...


新加坡人被你们当无知,白痴。。。 太过分了吧!是我们的政府无知,容易上当!

EastCoastLife said...


I will share my views on our current education system and this ITE thing. It makes me uncomfortable too.

We Singaporeans are not getting good deals out of these policies. I hope my fears are unfounded.

Daniel Ling said...

Hi, saw ur latest post. Thus hope tat with ur permission, i can link to this post. If permission not granted pls let me noe and i'll remove the link immediately. Thanks


EastCoastLife said...

Hi Daniel,
Yes, you can link to this post.

Dior said...

TO chineseman27:




China people are just faggots.
Don't you dare criticise our fellow Singaporeans when you're living and shitting on our holy ground here.