Saturday, 29 November 2008

What happens to civil servants who lie or cover up?

It is a no-brainer question. Even an Aunty like me also know, they should be punished.

But sadly, that didn't happen. It would be considered abnormal for it to happen in Singapore? I pray for Justice in my prayers everyday.

Civil servants in Singapore do not apologise when they make mistakes. They will make more mistakes to cover their mistake.

The New Paper, 18th Nov 2008

A middle-aged, lowly Chinese-educated woman was jailed two weeks for giving false information to a civil servant from the Ministry of Health. Seriously, it didn't have to turn out this way. The poor woman was not told her rights nor warned of the severe consequence.

When the verdict was out, the top civil servant resigned out of remorse. She did not expect such a harsh sentence. She made a mistake in her job and it caused a family great pain and irreparable damage. Full story will be published here.

A lawyer and an air-stewardess were jailed for false declarations to principals. They tried to register their kids in top schools using fake addresses.

The above are all Singapore citizens.

A policeman lied to me in Parliament House. MOE covered-up when I wrote to PM Lee. Gambling Suppression Branch also can bully ordinary citizen like me.

Yet.... Foreigners who made false declarations to principals and MOE were let off and even continued to enjoy our subsidised education. The principals even did their best to help them out. Black changed to white, white changed to black. WOW!

arghhhh...... I just discovered an ICA officer is being tried for corruption. I thought he was a good civil servant when he personally met and resolved the problems based on my feedback of its system. I still remember what he told me, "Please don't write in. Email or call me and I'll see to your concerns."

I looked stupid now leh. I was feeding him info.

Trust no one in the Ministries. I can only trust a few Ministers and MPs. Sad.

**************** oooOooo ***************

My Runaway Foreign Scholars post caused an uproar during my absence. Funny leh, Singapore citizens found out about this news from this blog. Looks like the the traditional media are not getting their usual tips from sources.

I understand the constraints of the reporters in Singapore, but by not reporting the truth and true stories of Singaporeans, more Singaporeans will suffer. What was written in my blog was offered to reporters, but they chose not to print them. My blog was started because I could not get my stories heard by the leaders and traditional media.

These days, the traditional media who did not believe me are emailing me and even lifting my stories for their headlines or special reports.

The traditional media (and some traffic hungry, attention-starved bloggers) just 'snatched' my story wor. Not even a mention of my blog.

It took me more than 4 hours to make this post. I'm not highly-educated. I cannot express myself well. I have to check the dictionary and google for the meaning of certain words. Why copy from such a lousy writer?

Can you see or read this on my left sidebar?

Writing, photography and images copyright Eastcoastlife © 2008 All rights reserved. You may not copy or otherwise reproduce any of this content without prior written permission.

Obviously not. Can my lawyers enlighten me?

My friends teased me, "Be Ah Q lah! Now you know you are not 阿猫阿狗!"

Welcome to the new media!


SheR. said...

I admire your spirit in getting to the truth. You truly sacrificed and many in SG just tell me that you are just another trouble maker.

For me, I appreciate what you wrote and uncover.

Please for the sake of our dear SG, fight till the end. For justice and equality. And take care!

EastCoastLife said...

I have been called many names. My son's and my life have been threatened. My business has suffered. It is inevitable and I expected it.

I refuse to go with the flow.

But the truth will be out one day. There are things that can never be covered up nor hidden. Paper cannot cover fire.

These people are behaving like the Mafia lords.

To those who vow to destroy me, I'm not going to go without a fight. I swear I'll wipe their family out too.

Rest assured, I'll fight to the end. I have come so far, nothing will stop me.

I was taunted by an ex-MOE school principal and inspector after my complaint against him was brushed off, "So? What can you do?"

Such arrogance!

Can his accomplices protect him forever?

There is nothing I cannot or will not do. It is whether I find it worthy or not.

RED-man said...

Don't mention about it EastcoastLife. Being a father myself which started very late, am worry about my daughter future.

Sad to say the new generation of PRC had forget the best value being a Chinese. 礼仪廉耻忠孝仁爱! I think we Singaporean has to help ourselve and not wait for the Government to change. They had totally lost touch with the people. All I see is greed and power they are hunger for.

Seriously, I think it about time to do something for my country and people. I am considering to join some volunteer work for the opposition party or on my own to translate words into action. Being a Chinese educated man, I am too much influenced by my early Chinese education. After so many years in the society and brain washing of the ruling party, I almost forgot about what is Nationalism! I am not interested in politic because I strongly believe that you need to be dirty to become one and especially truth for the more successful one.

It is simple to understand, when a saleman want to sell you something, he will never tell you the bad thing. You have to discover and see it for yourself. Who like bad thing anyway? This is politic...

EastCoastLife said...

If your child is still in our Primary system, she still has many years of 'abuse' to go through.

I don't like our education system. It's like a factory, they mould and can each student to their requirement.

礼仪廉耻忠孝仁爱 is seldom taught in school these days! Even if it is, the educators are hypocrites! They say one thing and do another thing behind our backs.

My son studied in Bedok South Secondary School, infamous for Dr Chan. She took his class for Civic and Moral Education for a semester!? Horrors!

Teach your daughter good values but don't be square. Must be flexible. Tough hor.

I taught my son not to tell lies and looking at the people around me, he is not going to survive if he follows my teachings. haha....

Teach your daughter survival skills better lah.

oceanskies79 said...

May I ask for a bit of your guidance please?

What reformation would be needed in our education and social system in order to nurture and to guide people to have the necessary good values and life-skills to be able to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world today?

(I am not directing this question to you solely. I am asking this question aloud so that I can start finding the answers on my own.)

We are in need of a kinder world where people treat each other with sincerity and integrity.

EastCoastLife said...

We need to cut off all the dead branches in MOE.

What significant growth and changes have we seen in our schools and MOE in these ten years!?

I see more of the top people being too comfy in their jobs, just waiting for retirement. Some have their retirement plans worked out.

Former colleagues who have made good in the private education industry are beckoning. The back doors are always opened.

And seriously, this is a very important Ministry in our country. They are dealing with our future generation and leaders.

How can we have an Education Minister who is not familiar with education and who is a part time?

Besides being the Education Minister, they are :

Teo Chee Hean - Second Minister for Defence
Tharmin - Second Minister for Finance
Ng Eng Hen - Second Minister for Defence

And how can we allow the Ministry to run on auto-pilot?

Back to basics. The MOE staff need retraining, re-education. They need to know they are dealing with humans, not robots.

Inject New blood.

I want all parents to realise, having an education is not everything. Your child(ren)'s happiness is more important.

Give your child his childhood and innocence. Your child can be successful without having to go through our factory-production type of education.

I'll share my thoughts with you personally.

oceanskies79 said...

We will have to make time to meet soon then. I can buy you chocolate drink or tea. Let me know when you will be free please.