Tuesday, 20 January 2009

MOE's Head of Web Management bashes nobody bloggers over good friend

Well-educated Lucian Teo, Head of Web Management in MOE, bashes nobody bloggers of Association of Bloggers (Singapore).

I am a civil servant, a fact made publicly known numerous times in all my online discussions.
- Lucian Teo

Jayne Goh, President of Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is not highly educated and belongs to the Aunty citizen.

The Association of Bloggers (Singapore) was started by a group of lesser known bloggers. We are organising our bloggers to raise their profile in the blogging business so that PR companies and media event organisers do not always invite only those selected known bloggers. We organise courses and workshops for our members, so they can improve on their blogging skills, blog better or do a better job when reviewing products.

Members will also attend talks on the legal aspects of blogging, to avoid defamation/slander/libel suits brought against them due to blogging.

The Government should be glad citizens are helping themselves and one another by setting up self-help groups. Instead we have this top civil servant bashing nobodys for setting up this association. Probably only educated people like him can qualify to do it, but why didn't he?

Lucian Teo was defending his good friend, Chua Uzyn. I met Lucian Teo at one of Uzyn's functions. Talking about hypocrisy, Lucian Teo did not know that Chua Uzyn took S$200 from my husband's company for a cake sponsorship on his 1st Ping Anniversary party. A promise to advertise my hubby's retail shop on Ping.sg was conveniently forgotten due to his being busy. It was done a day before the party.

Uzyn had his kaki Arzhou baked a cake and some lou hong cookies (remarked Daphne Maia) at home for S$200. A practice which NEA says is not acceptable. Which is illegal lah. No receipt was given to my husband who needs to file taxes.

It is a fact Chua Uzyn is a foreigner who had used Singapore taxpayers' money to fund his education here. He even gets a grant from the Government to set up his business. And yet he bans Singaporeans from his blog aggregator when they spoke up on transparency matters.

Lucian conveniently left out all these details or he didn't know?

Uncalled for comments by foreigner Daphne Maia

comment left by Lucian on my member's blog

Malicious comments are made by Lucian's friends on plurks and I have a right to stand up to their accusations.

By the way Lucian makes his judgement of me, my members and my Association based on so little facts, I feel sad that is how a top civil servant makes judgement. It further confirms my belief that is how the civil servants in MOE conduct investigations when I make complaints about their system and staff. Judgemental and slip-shod.


Anonymous said...

I can understand your concerns with Ping.sg and your story here.

However, are you associating with the right group as well as having the right mentality...? This is no attack but one which I am very interested in finding out. ^.^

I also think we should have an association for bloggers but I am well aware that power in the wrong hands is dangerous especially when it is to resist or counter another power in the wrong hands.

There are many kind of people (good and... bad ones) in all sectors. But blogging remains an 'unofficial' regime online.

I am not a Singaporean blogger, but an international blogger, hence.

My personal wish to your association. And while there are many bullies and critters around blogosphere, there will always be a few good men out there.

EastCoastLife said...

谢谢!你的留言是这场暴风雨中的一丝安慰。 哈哈

I was offered that stupid thing for S$1 million when it was put out in the market for sale. I was approached to come out with S$100,00 to invest in another blog aggregator. What!? S$100,000 to swat a fly?

Market talk, I'm retaliating by setting up this Association. sigh.... why people have no brains?

This Association takes up a lot of time and also cost money to set up! Each and every one of my members has to come out money first and take time off from their rest for the many rounds of meetings before the registration and launch. No joke. I could have made more money concentrating on my business.

Power in the wrong hands is dangerous. I admit I'm not the best choice for President. We need a stronger leader.

But the 'big ones' only want to talk and enjoy their status, who wants to take up this hot potato?

This Association was not set up to restrict blogging or free speech. On the contrary.

I expect suggestions and ideas, constructive criticism but you can pretty much see the negative responses. And those are based on what? Fear. I haven't even given out much info on my Association. haha....

yeah, I have many emails giving me encouragement and support. thanks to all of you. I'm fine. Really. I have gone through worse.

HanSolo said...

I've not met any of the protagonists before, but to be squabbling for so long over a cake.. wow, I take my hat off to you.

It's obviously not about the money, you feel you're a victim of injustice. Honestly, I think there're more important things in life to be angry about.

Anonymous said...


It's a big issue of things you raised recently in this blog of yours. If you are having a serious blog for an association, my view is that you have to be very 'understanding' of certain things. First of all, I am not saying you are wrong. Especially with certain issues with civil servants.

That makes civil service a pretty 'last choice employer' to myself as well. Which is why if you have any assignment, job or whatever overseas, I'd consider seriously. Many Singaporeans are also leaving, and are in Beijing enjoying their careers.

But Beijing is not conducive for my breathing experience.

Also you have to understand one thing... Many of these people are not the most honorable. They are those going around impersonating and playing small tricks and so on on malicious agendas, and they may not even be Singaporeans.

Next, Singapore is a cultural desert, such huge personality problem exists not only in cyberspace but offline as well. And Singapore is now stucked with its incompetitiveness down the drain. Of course, there is a good whole chain of reasons for it.

Then, Minister Teo has openly reprimanded PS Tan. PS Tan also got friends, right?

I am aware of the issues at Ping.sg, there is no need to be bothered about those people. They cannot be reasoned with and they go around resorting to underhand methods and so on. They think they are right, and one girl even quote me out of context, skewing to prove against me. LOL~

Cyber bullying. And in real life, these people are no better. And for money and personal interests they'd resort to anything. Sigh~ Singapore is becoming inhabitable with those critters growing bigger.

Which is why an association as yours is good, but I do not know if you are associated with the same troublemakers as well...

There are many people who now go around showing 'registered with MOE', associated with SM Goh, and even proclaim their love for Singapore by going around cheating, bashing Singapore's good brand, and they make so much money out of it for their 'love of Singapore and support for government' when the government is like not there to them. And mind you, those people have 'friends' in civil sector as well, but of course.

You know Sunshine Empire? This scam also have 'political' friends... LOL~

There is now an online bashing on your association which is valid for defamation at Tomorrow.sg, which you also have to understand that... you cannot take in-credible materials for court use. Which is, by international laws, it can't be done, by right.

Read Malaysians at Pedra Braca Case.

Hordes of simpletons are filling this poor country up in commerce and so on. And I was reading a shameless woman's blog obtained from Ping.sg, I just laughed. Now, ECL... You were formerly associated with them. That's why you know Uzyn and so on. I cannot say much about Uzyn because it is my personal policy to be minimalist in offline dealing with online people. But I have heard many things as well.

I can understand your plight. And I can understand the bullies' disgust.

But in order to crush the growing cancerous growth, it's still the government's role. So eventually, are you or your association going to grab admin powers during elections?

You must have either influence or admin powers to deal with critters. You see how Minister Teo openly 'reprimand'. Who dares to threaten to sue him or fix him?

Hopefully, you are associated with the right people and provided you do, Scope will support you.

If you place a link to my blog, I don't mind placing ur link on my blogroll in response.

I suggest you use Wordpress.com to host your site. Frankly speaking, the civil servants don't represent the state, but they 'have admin powers'. Ie. if they control internet access as web technician or what and so on, or even ISPs... they can, despite the ministers never indicated anything.

NLB already have a bribery case with a IT related issue, isn't it?

Can I really trust you? LOL~ You have PM Lee's photo, you have SM Goh's photo... But nowadays, ECL... and you know I am not attacking you, how many cheaters don't have 'registered with government or related agencies'?

And what did the government said: Registered with MOE? Not mean to be my problem...! Then whose problem is that?

This association will be wonderful if it does counter those shameless critters. And I'd be most happy to provide some help at discounted rates. Need anything, just drop me an email.

If your association is also interested in movie making for the Chinese market, you can contact me as well. There is no fee required to help in Project S. And it can be big income for your organisation.

I hope you realise that the only way to deal with injustice is to have the paladins all working together, and support each other's course instead of suffering in silence.

I'd appreciate it if your association turn out to be supportive of Project S. We need mostly the 'talents'. And perhaps your association has bloggers who can act and hold the camera well enough. ;)

It seems that justice is not there if you don't fight for it. And you are probably on the right footing.


EastCoastLife said...

Singaporeans who don't bother to read or check into the background of ping.sg owner will think I'm being petty.

It involves a government grant of S$50 000. Tax-payers' money.

That's 500 pieces of 100-dollar bills. And after taking that money, what has he done for the Singapore blogosphere or community?

Make Singaporeans shut up for questioning the transparency of the running of his set-up. Ban them.

There are official records, check them. Also, check James Seng and cowboy caleb too.

What have these FTs done for Singapore?

Anonymous said...


Mad auntie, wake up. Your ABS can't never compete with tomorrow.sg nor ping.sg. They are foreigners and so what?

You are all alone, all your committees have left you, they/we are 100% Singaporeans and yet we don't support you. You are mad!