Monday, 19 January 2009

Righting a Wrong

Prof Lee Wei Ling's article on 'Righting a wrong comes from the heart' (The Sunday Times 18th Jan 2009) seems to talk about me. haha....

If I know there is something wrong, I will try to set it right whether or not it is my business to do so. At my age, I have not lost the fire in my belly. But such a busybody trait has got me into a lot of trouble because I'm not Prof Lee Wei Ling, who is the daughter of MM Lee Kuan Yew and sister of PM Lee Hsien Loong.

I was threatened to shut up. My son's life will be in danger if I continue to set things right. My son has a hard time in schools.

I have many personal experiences with MOE, which is very guilty of not setting things right. They allow teachers and principals to abuse students. Their educators cheat, lie but such cases were covered up. MOE condone wrong doings of their staff. One of their PR officers even threatened an editor against pursuing a case I was complaining.

I have an extremely hard time with the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) recently. I find the officers very KL, making things more difficult for me after I complained to Minister Wong Kan Seng. Many people said I deserve it. For setting things right?

Even in a government hospital, my son and I were not spared. I wrote to Minister of Health Khaw Boon Wan but sigh...... Luckily, I would be meeting Prof Lee Wei Ling. She has agreed to see my son.

It's our duty to right a wrong when we see one....... and you don't have to be MM Lee's daughter to do that.