Tuesday, 13 January 2009

MP attacked, assailant is a hero?

Simple human decency, the violent attack on MP Seng Han Thong was uncalled for.

To many Singaporeans, the violence is to be expected. I expressed my concerns to MP Lim Biow Chuan two years ago. I told him to take precautions when he's out in the public. Despite the bodyguards and tight security, I myself was able to get close to several VVIPs at public events.

Several Singaporeans condemned the violent act and expressed their sympathies for the victim, others derive satisfaction from its having been carried out.

Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng arriving at the hospital- ST

Forumer Meteour started a thread in the popular Sammyboy Forum : “What a glorious start to 2009!!!! Since 1965 independence, there was no effective opposition to the scums in white. Public anger ranging from the CLOB fiasco….the ever increasing prices of the new HDB flats, S & C charges, the GSTs ….etc being shafted up our rear w/o reply has finally been answered.”

He even proposed that the assailant Ong Kah Chua be awarded the “Public Service Star and PBM” for his attack on the MP. Ong was also lauded Singapore’s lau hero by others.

One shocking survey showed that people are more sympathetic towards the attacker Ong Kah Chua who may be imprisoned for life than for the victim, MP Seng.

Was what happened to MP Seng a culmination of government policies gone wrong? When justice is not available, people resort to violence. This crude and desperate way was what the attacker knew to drive his message across. Arrogant and insensitive civil servants would not be spared too.

Ong being brought to the scene by the police - ZaoBao

Do you think he was able to write a letter? And to the right organisation to warrant official attention? Was he ever taken seriously by anyone given his lowly status? Now they are calling him crazy and putting him away....... that was what I was threatened with when I persisted in seeking answers from PM Lee Hsien Loong.

Look more closely at how it became like this. What are the underlying reasons for such an act?

Singaporeans like myself suffer in slience all the time. I went to see MP. Emails were sent to government officers, MPs, Ministers.... even PM. Either they thank you for your observations or no response at all!

Tell me where to seek help? The frustration and desperation are real. There are many stories which the public has no access to, all have disappeared into blackholes.

You can put the lid on the kettle, but sooner or later, the steam has to escape somewhere. And when it does, the outcome will be dire.

If the authority ignores or oppresses efforts to reform the system, they create a climate to breed violence or extreme groups.

This Government have been elected by the people of Singapore, in the belief that the PAP would be a consultative government and one which respects the rights of Singaporeans, not usurp our rights and ownership.

They have to stop bullying the ordinary citizens.

Simple human decency, I wish MP Seng Han Thong a speedy recovery.


Back2Nature said...

I think there is some kind of generation gap. The older generations expect MPs, whom they voted in, to help them. The younger and educated generations like myself try to settle things ourselves. Having grown up in a lawful country, I doubt the usefulness of appealing through MPs for things that are legally/officially decided.

Once, I approached my MP because my parent suggested and requested me to do so regarding a matter that I don't think the MP can help much. Nevertheless, when I seek his help, I would expect him to help. However, the impression I got was that he wasn't willing to help, but being from the older generations, he made the effort to go through the motion of writing and sending out a letter. I would be fine even if he didn't help since I didn't vote for him, because there wasn't any voting.

ps: why leg-cuffed a 74 year old man? Policemen may run slower than him?

EastCoastLife said...

Sometimes Singaporeans expect too much and demand highly of our MP. I have attended several Meet The People sessions and was appalled at some of the things residents ask of the MPs.

I was asked to help out at MPS but I decline because I don't think I can tahan some of the residents' nonsense. I would probably sprout vulgarities. The poor MPs have to tolerate that week in, week out.

Got lousy MP also. I know. I almost 'chop' one. haha....

Don't depend on the government, we must help ourselves. We must help one another too.

That's why I put up this photo. This 70 plus old man was handcuffed and leg-cuffed.

Back2Nature said...

That is the gap. To us, many demands are nonsense. To them, those are real demands that they feel the help of MP is needed.

PuNiao said...

Aiyoh, my mother saw a lot of reporters milling around Block 4 when she came to visit me after my surgery. It's kinda sad such a violent incident can happen in Singapore. But when a person is angry and desperate for cash help, I guess he or she can be capable of anything murderous and dangerous.

EastCoastLife said...

There are some residents who have unreasonable expectations, and they can be very rude and demanding. That is too much.

MP is not God.

EastCoastLife said...

What you doing in the hospital? What surgery?

I pretend go see you, then sneak in take photo. :P

lina said...

I am disturbed to see the old man being leg-cuffed. Was he that violent to warrant such precaution?

PuNiao said...

aiyah, I discharged already lor. Have to go in to remove fibroid... pain...

EastCoastLife said...

The assailant set the MP on fire. What he did was violent.

I don't think he should be leg-cuffed but our police officers have let a few prisoners escaped in the past, those cuffs is to cover themselves. :D

EastCoastLife said...

Pu Niao,
Thank God you are well now.

SheR. said...

No one deserved such violence acted on him. Burns cause immense pain and trauma for life. Trust me I am a victim myself. All that Skin Graft and therapy.. it's like living hell. Worse kind of pain you can put on anyone!!!!

I don't know much about this MP. But I really hope he'll be fine. His injury will take more than 6 months to recover as reported. My small patch on my hand took 18 months. Let alone 10 to 15% on one's skin. Ouch ouch :(

min said...
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min said...

Well, i heard from the older generation that they had expected such things to happen to this MP.
Shan't say much about his attitude as a civil servant. Guess you know more than me. Think the old man had enough of him, or he wouldn't be so irrational to set him on fire, when he obviously knew that this maximum govt will not let him off.

By the way, i wonder if the old uncle would be handcuffed and legcuffed if he set a normal Singaporean on fire instead of an MP?


EastCoastLife said...

Such violence should not happen to anyone who has a life.

I can imagine the pain, and the suffering and trauma after one has recovered.

MP Seng has been discharged from hospital and is recuperating at home.