Tuesday, 14 December 2010

1. I, Jayne Goh published an article on the internet at the following web address : http://topmleehsienloong.blogspot.com/2008/macpherson-secondary-school-janet-wong.html ("the Article").

2.  The Article is entitled "MacPherson Secondary School : Janet Wong".

3. In the Article, I made an allegation that Janet Wong was sacked and that she lost all her retirement benefits. I accept that I was wrong when I made this allegation and I very much regret making it.

4. I also made statements that could be construed that Janet Wong had personally received cash for placing students in the school. I regret making such statements that could have been construed in this way as it was not my intention to do so and I accept that they are untrue.

5. I regret the distress that the allegations in the Article have caused to Janet Wong. I undertake not to make any further allegations or statements to the same or similar effect.

6. I will publish this statement prominently on the landing page or homepage of the blog at the following web address : http://topmleehsienloong.blogspot.com.