Monday, 13 December 2010

PM Lee Hsien Loong, Please STOP Mainstream Public Schools From Selling our School Places!


Stop the sale of 

limited publicly funded places

in OUR Mainstream Public schools!

MOE's reply on making monetary donations to schools :

MOE would like to state unequivocally that the buying of school places  is not allowed. All school principals are aware that under no  circumstances are they to solicit or accept donations in exchange for  school places.

Lim Huay Chih (Ms)
Director, School Planning and Placement
June  3, 2009

As at the first week of February 2011, some school principals are still selling school places to foreign students.

On 15th April 2011, information was provided personally to MOE's Superintendent (E4 cluster) Mrs Tan Wai Lan for the necessary action.

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MOE's reply to my email of 1 Apr 2011 to Ms. Lim Huay Chih, Quality Service Manager, on international students admission to our mainstream public schools :

The Ministry takes a serious view of this matter. We urge you to provide us with precise, factual details so that the Ministry can make the necessary checks to ascertain whether such instances have occurred.

Mdm Lim Pek See
Assistant Manager, Pupil Placement, School Planning and Placement Division
 5 April 2011

On 6th April 2011, Mdm Lim Pek See (Assistant Manager, Pupil Placement, School Planning and Placement Division) and Mdm Lydia Ng Hwee Hong (Senior Head, Pupil Placement 5, Pupil Placement, School Planning and Placement Division) were provided with precise, factual details of a Chinese boy paying S$10,000 in exchange for a school place in a popular primary school in the east.

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On 9th April 2010, an agent who has been selling school places for the past 25 years to foreign students with the help of current and past school principals and school staff have been reported to CPIB and the relevant authorities. More cases will be reported.   

EastCoastLife's Question :

When is the government taking action to stop the sale of 
limited publicly funded school places?

It is shocking to discover that such illegal transactions have been taking place in Singapore for the past 25 years to cheat foreign students and their parents of their money.

If the public has information on government schools selling school places, please report to CPIB.

You could do the following :

a. Go personally to CPIB at 2, Lengkok Bahru, S(159047), to lodge a complaint to the Duty Officer; or 

b. Write a letter to CPIB. You may remain anonymous if you wish; or 

c. Make a phone call to the CPIB Duty Officer at 1800 - 376 0000 at any time of the day to make the complaint; or 

d. E-mail to CPIB through the CPIB internet website.

Duty Officer : 1800 - 376 0000
(please use this number to lodge a complaint or feel free to make use of their online Corruption Complaint Form)
Quality Service Manager : 1800 - 270 0855
(please use this number for feedback on service-related matters)
General Enquires : 6270 0141
Fax no : 6270 0320
Email :
Postal Address : 2 Lengkok Bahru
Singapore 159047

Or feel free to make use of their online Feedback Form .  
Do not waste your time complaining to MOE.