Monday, 30 June 2008

No questions asked for wealthy emigrants

A word of advice to Lee Khoon Choy, MPs and Ministers who wish to help the foreign emigrants .... check their backgrounds. Doesn't mean they have obtained their PR or citizenship, they have been thoroughly checked and are clean.

Andrew Goh, the Assistant Head of Talent Group (EDB) took bribes totalling $380,000 from seven Chinese nationals between February 1999 and June 2001. In return, he helped the 7 Chinese nationals by processing their application for permanent residency in Singapore. Andrew was sentenced to 26 months' imprisonment and the money he took from the seven Chinese nationals was forfeited.

Yang An was one of the 7 Chinese nationals. They were next-door neighbours prior to Andrew's arrest. He even gave money to Andrew Goh after he was released from prison. For the past 5 years, Yang An hasn't dared to return to China because he is asked to assist in some corruption cases.

An intricate and well-organised outfit where the foreigners get a one-stop service. They get a company registered, buy house, buy cars, buy investment funds, get introduced to ex-principals or principals who would get their children into our government schools. I was told the tuition teachers recommended are tutors to Ministers' or MPs' children.

Wealthy emigrants are supposed to be good for the economy of Singapore, so ordinary citizens should give up our places in top schools and universities to them.

Wealthy mainland Chinese and some of our Asean neighbours are no strangers to paying for what they want. They can get their degrees, identities and passports faked too. ICA wants proof. If the government agencies don't have enough resources to check every foreign emigrant who comes to Singapore, why do they expect me to prove it. They look me so up.

So what if I give the government proof, they might decide not to prosecute due to embarrassment. Waste my time.

I wonder why CPIB didn't probe further in this Andrew Goh case. Foreigners who give bribes not subjected to prosecution? EDB didn't review these 7 Chinese nationals' applications?

Food for thought to the common man.